“Thanks so much for giving her love and your wonderful company xx”

“She looks soooo relaxed and happy!! Thanks Tals”

“Awwww glad you are being looked after so well”

“They told me you are the best cat carer ever”

“Obviously very relaxed and happy. Thank you very much”

“Oh thankyou so much they will be so happy to see you”

“Oh Thankyou Tali you are a gem”

“Thanks so much Tali”

“Thanks Tali! We miss her”

“Ollie looks like he loves that treat. Thanks Tali!!”

“Looks like Ollie is having a great time!!”

“Thanks sweets xx”

“Ps thanks so much for the pics. Lovely to see him calm and happy xx”

“Thanks again. It's so nice having you look after Lenny”

 “Love the photos  ”

“Thanks for your help during the week. … Thanks again”

“Hello! What a beautiful photo of the big boy!! He looks happy and content! … Thanks heaps for the pics and looking after him x”

“Thanks Tali xxx gee he smiles with u xx”

“Lovely photos”

“Glad u r being well looked after”

“Good pics Tali”

“Thankyou Tali”

“They are lovely photos.”“Glad Maxi is ok”

“Thanks again Tali. And thanks again for looking after Lenny. We love the pics! ”

“That's great Tali!!! Thank you soo much xxx”

“Thanks Tali. We really appreciate these texts”

“Thank you. The pics are lovely. “

“I am truely stunned she has never been so receptive, you have the special touch.

Thank you so much we appreciate knowing how they are going”

“Hi Tali, She really likes you.  Usually she goes and hides for days sometimes a whole week.  She must recognise you as a true cat person. Thank you so much for the photos, it is good to know everything goes well. Much appreciated”

“Thanks we miss u too xx” - replying to Mocha’s text, yup your animals text you J

“Oh thank you so much Tali... On our way home to see Mr Maxie now. 😊”

“Awwww hey Maxie! Hope you had your best manners on display for Tali! See you Friday buddy. Thanks Tali 👍”